3 year old early riser


Dear John,
My son turns 3 yrs next week, and has been waking up consistently at 5am for at least the past 6 months/1 year. Sometimes he will get up before 5am even arrives, starting our day at 4:30am. We can get him to go back to his room and stay in bed for a little bit, but by then we are up and can't go back to sleep. I keep trying to learn to live with it/wait it out, but wonder if there is a way to get him to stop and let us sleep until 6:30am or so. We recently had him quit napping (he wasn't falling asleep until 8:30pm), and now put him to bed at about 7pm. He is generally a very well behaved, agreeable little boy with 2 big sisters that adore him. One other note, he was potty trained 3 months ago and is doing great - sleeps in underwear and almost never has an accident. He still wakes up early if we take him to the bathroom one last time before my husband and I go to bed. Again, not the end of the world, but do you have any suggestions? Thank you, Amy

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