Toddler Hair Pulling


Our 22 month old consistently pulls (HARD) other children's hair. This all started about 5 months ago when she pulled a child's hair at bible study. I am not sure of the exact response from the adults but she "talked" about "pull hair" for a couple of weeks. Then she started pulling my hair when she didn't have my full attention or when she didn't like the direction she was given. I'm not sure if I handled it correctly but after trying ignoring it, attempting to remove her hands (she DOES NOT release) and move on, attempting to stay out of her way, Rosemond style time out, I finally spanked her. I did that about 3 times and she has not pulled my hair in a few months. However, we moved a couple of months ago and have been spending more time with children. Every time we are with other children there is an incident. I try to stay right beside her but somehow it quickly happens. It is sometimes provoked and sometimes out of now where??? I can not read her expression when she is doing it. Because she does not release, it typically takes me several seconds to separate her from the other child which in addition to the pain is very upsetting to the other child/parent. Our daughter typically has a confused or inquisitive expression on her face when the other child is crying. I believe she knows that pulling MY hair is wrong so I assume she knows pulling the child's hair is wrong? What is the appropriate way to handle this situation with her while playing with other children?

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