13 year old Trials and Tribulations


My almost 13 year old daughter is a driven, straight A student and well liked at school. But lately she seems irrational in her reasoning: Says she's cleaning her room, but I find her painstakingly organizing belts and bathing suits, while her floor is littered with wet towels and clothes. She takes over an hour to get ready and is completely self absorbed. I've also caught her telling white lies, like whether she brushed her teeth. I feel like I'm on her constantly, whether it's technology use, getting chores done, or attitude. Today, she told me that 2 friends she had over said they thought I liked a friend of my daughter's more than my daughter, and my daughter agreed. I feel hurt, but know I shouldn't take it personal? How do I give her freedoms, when I don't trust her judgment? I feel very controlling and think perhaps I'm parenting her the way I always have, but she's older and my parenting needs to shift. How do I do this?

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