1 year old : 18 month old toilet training at night


I am in the prepping/planning stage for potty training my 18 month old son. I have read your book and am completely on-board. Please clarify the nighttime scenario.I get that he'll still to be without diapers at night but you state that the parents should have towels on hand for the child to learn to mop up the mess. Also, you state that the potty can be moved into the room for the child to use at night. First, my 18 month old is still in a crib, so going to the potty on his own at night isn't going to work. Second, I'm not sure he's old enough to mop up his mess at night. You refer to a 30 month kid doing these things, but can you describe what to do for an 18mo kid in a crib?

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