12 yr old bedtme/kicked out of garden


Hi Carri I have another bedtime question: My husband thinks that our daughter (will be 13 in 3 months) isn't mature enough (mainly because of her stinky attitude and disrespect towards me) shouldn't be allowed to set her own bedtime.

She gets good grades, responsible when it comes to schoolwork, teachers love her-she's a great student. She might not always "remember" to get her chores done but for the most part she'll do them. She is easier to deal with when she gets enough sleep (who isn't) but I feel she's screaming out for more freedom and this may be one of the ways we can do just that.

So should her attitude be a deciding factor on whether or not we should allow her to set her own bedtime? As of right now she's kicked out of her garden.

A part of me thinks that's a separate issue and should be allowed, but the other parts thinks it's a privilege to go to bed when you want and maybe I should wait until she earns everything back to give her that freedom.

Should the mentoring stage come with age and/or maturity? I will appreciate any thoughts and suggestions.

Thanks again...

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