19 month old night training?


I used your method in toilet training without tantrums to potty train my daughter as soon as she started walking at 15.5mo. She was trained by 16mo and although she has had a few set backs here and there, at 19mo an accident is very rare. Thank you for your encouragement to potty train early!

We still use diapers for naps and nighttime. At night, she has started taking off her diaper prior to falling asleep, peeing once asleep, and then crying for us when she wakes up in a pool of pee.

Is this a sign that I should be night training her too? I'm hesitant to do this because I am 8mo pregnant and don't really want to be waking up and taking her to the bathroom all night in addition to tending to a newborn. She fully soaks her diapers at both naps and nights, so clearly she isn't on the verge of being trained to go 3hrs at naps and 12hrs at night without peeing at all.

I would prefer to use diapers until she is old enough for me to teach her to get out if bed and take herself to the potty (even a potty in her room). Is this unrealistic? Should I just deal with the extra night wakings and start taking her potty a few times a night now? If not, how do I keep her diaper on at night?

Thanks in advance for your insight!


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