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Get some sleep!


I have a calm, pensive 7.5 year old, who would rather play Legos or read than play ball or run, who is having a hard time shutting off his brain at bedtime. He is the oldest of 4 kids and shares a room with his 5 yo brother. Initially at bedtime, after stories, we separate the boys. The 7.5 yo is allowed to read for about a half hour before lights out. Once his little brother is asleep he goes into his room where he will often lay, quietly, for 2 hours before finally nodding off. He isn’t disrupting anyone, but he is not getting the sleep he needs, unless he sleeps late. We homeschool, so this isn’t a huge problem, but I would like to get our day started a little earlier, but hate waking him because I know he stayed up late. If I do wake him early, I try to get him to bed earlier, but he will still stay awake until 10pm. We’ve done white noise, taken away his reading time, etc, but nothing helps him quiet his brain. He isn’t a physical kid, so although he gets outside playtime, he’s more likely to dig and build something than ride a bike, which I know probably plays a part. Any suggestions to help him get to sleep more quickly? Thank you in advance!

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