21 mo old Potty Trantrums


I've used your potty training method successfully on my first two children--my son right at age 2 (and he didn't talk until he was almost 3) , my daughter at 20 months. My 3rd child is 21 months. She is much more verbal/overall advanced than the other two were at this age purely from her exposure to the older two. I am perplexed at what I am doing wrong this time. We are on day 8 and she is still peeing all over the place. She had 2 poops in the potty on day 6 but that is it. She is not wearing pants. I started the bell today--let the bell go off and walk her to the potty and talk about how the potty bell says it is time to go potty--and it ends with her throwing herself on the ground screaming (and not going on the potty).
I never considered giving up with my older two but I have thought about it with this one. Any other suggestions?

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