5.5 year old doesn't obey immediately


I have asked a few questions before and am still fully on board with John's overall philosophy on things. I have a detail question about follow-through. I talk to my husband about parenting approach and he agrees with the things we discuss, but he's never read any of your books or writings. So, we have now hit a point of disagreeing which is causing quite an issue in our house. We still have an almost 5.5 year old boy who screams and yells and throws fits and argues. I have taken the approach of telling him what to do and walking away to not listen to or pay attention to his rebuttals or whining. He typically will then move on and do as told. My husband has a problem with this as he says we are catering to him and letting him get it "his way." He wants him to obey nicely and right away every time. He is concerned how he will behave when he starts kindergarten next month and doesn't know how to immediately do what an adult asks. I understand his point of view, but by expecting him to instantly do everything asked happily turns into us getting frustrated and reacting emotionally while hounding my son to do as told. Any helpful words of advice?

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