30 mo old Pee Troubles


We began implementing the potty bell, and we are placing him in a gated area to sit on the potty when the timer goes off. After five or so minutes if he has not produced, we put his underwear back on and reset the timer for 30 minutes or less and start again. We walk away during those minutes he is supposed to be on the potty. There are times when we know he has to go because he is dancing like crazy and getting anxious, but we are still not mentioning pee or poop or directing towards the potty--just waiting for the timer. He has made two bowel movements in the potty but still not any pee. He has peed all over the floor almost every time, and this makes him very upset. We calmly and firmly say that next time he needs to sit on the potty and then we clean up. Are we doing this right? Will he eventually fully pee in the potty like this? Oddly, though, last night he called for us in the middle of the night to get on the potty three times and he had success all three times. What is going on during the day?

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