5 yo separation anxiety


Thank you for the responses - I applied the techniques that you suggested today and it was VERY effective -

A friend of my daughter's asked her to do a soccer camp next week - 2 hours of playing around, swimming an lunch - sounds like a blast and something she would love to - however, she doesn't want to go. Last summer - she did tons of camps and loved them all - she loved being busy and she actually acted wonderfully around the house all summer because she was having so much fun. This summer - she doesn't want to do anything - completely opposite of how she has always been. She told me that it wouldn't be fun and she doesn't want to go - when I tried to sign her up for a camp a few weeks ago - she clung to my leg and cried for 30 minutes so we ended up leaving. I certainly don't want to repeat that scene.
I really want her to go - I know she would have fun once she got there - and her teacher told me that she needed to do a few camps this summer..
Trying to figure out - why she doesn't want to do things anymore…. and if I should just have her friend's mom pick her up and make her go??
Thank you…. once again. :)

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