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Online School is a Privilege Not a Right

Posted on 11/3/2017

We have homeschooled our 3 kids for all of their school years. Last year we enrolled our son (now 16.5) in online public schooling because he refused to be cooperative with school work. Online...

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The Phone is Not the Problem

Posted on 10/4/2017

So, in response to the answer to my question I have a few other questions. In the past few days a lot has transpired and my husband and I really had it out over my son. I understand a lot of his...

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Enough Talk?

Posted on 9/6/2017

Hello and Thank You for your help and guidance. We last asked a question in April. Here we are in September, back again and most appreciative. Our 7 year old was exposed to pornographic video on...

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Screens are Everywhere!

Posted on 9/6/2017

I have a soon to be 13 year old grandson I have been raising since he was an infant. He was diagnosed ADD in first grade but delayed medication until 4th grade. The medication has really helped....

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16 Year Old Daughter's Continued Rebellion

Posted on 8/6/2017

I wrote a few months ago about my daughter who I caught drinking. It turns out that it wasn't a blip on the radar with her. Given her behavior of late (defensive, sneaky), I tracked her location...

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Should Mom Monitor College Child's Tech Use?

Posted on 6/27/2017

I have a 19.5 year-old daughter in college and living at home. She is responsible about everything except her computer and cell phone use. She uses social media and texting more than is good for...

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Baby Loves Music!

Posted on 6/22/2017

I have a 14 month old who loves to listen to music. During the day, he will use sign language to tell me he wants to listen to music and I will turn Pandora on the TV. There is no music video but...

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Teenagers, Technology and Life

Posted on 6/13/2017

With the deluge of technology in children's lives today, once the children reach their teens, including late teens, what would you consider to be fair usage rules in the home for both computers...

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Son Obsessed with Pokemon

Posted on 5/17/2017

Hello! Our son is obsessed! Obsessed with one thing at a time to the point of not completing school work to do it. Right now it's Pokemon. He has a screen time limit - one 30 min show after...

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High Schoolers & the Internet

Posted on 5/10/2017

Please help me navigate the internet access issue for highschoolers. You say for them to do their homework in their own rooms (so they know they are responsible) but don't have TVs and internet...

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9 yo boy needs boom lowered

Posted on 4/13/2017

My youngest son is 9 years old. He has an older brother who is 11 years old. My 9 year has always had a temper/anger problem when things don't go his way. He reacts by having a tantrum. He has...

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6 year old's disturbing comments

Posted on 3/31/2017

Our fairly happy 6 year (almost) 7 year old has said a few disturbing things recently. About a week ago out of the blue he told me that he has thoughts of hurting/killing someone with a knife. ...

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12 yo Social Life Taking Over Grades

Posted on 2/13/2017

My 12 yo daughter has gone from straight A's in elementary school to C's & D's in middle school. It's not because she can't do the work, she chooses not to. Her friends and social life seem to be...

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Appropriate Age for Cell Phone

Posted on 2/12/2017

You do not recommend teens have cell phones At what point, do you think it is ok for a person to have one? When they can work and pay for it themselves?

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Cell phone give and take

Posted on 1/14/2017

In the chapter in Teen Proofing about consequences, John does not mention electronics or cell phones. I know he does not feel that kids should have them in the first place, but for those of us...

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11 yo Sneakiness

Posted on 1/2/2017

My oldest daughter has developed some very sneaky behavior. The minute my back is turned or I'm out of the house for a few minutes she's pulling something. Mostly its been with electronics, taking...

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2-year-old whining for a playmate

Posted on 10/14/2016

I have a wonderful just turned two year old son. He loves to play, but he doesn't love to play by himself. I also have a 5 month old, and work part time from home, so it's important that he learn...

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The cell phone has to go.

Posted on 10/2/2016

How much monitoring do you recommend on a 16 year old's phone? Sometimes, she seems to go to great lengths to hide things from us. At one point, she was having contact with a drug dealer (high...

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Laptop Use in Elementary School

Posted on 9/14/2016

Good Morning. My daughter's school wants to introduce a new IT vision starting from next year with the year 4 class. It would involve the parents and the school together purchasing laptops for...

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2 yo Demanding Attention

Posted on 9/13/2016

HI there, I asked a question about my rather naughty toddler about a week ago and you have asked me where do I want to start - so I decided to write back. I followed your advice and started on...

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Monitoring Cell Phone Texts with Apps

Posted on 6/4/2016

Along with the majority, if not all of his friends, our middle school aged son has a cellular phone. It seems that most parents monitor their child's text message activity. Applications are...

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Monitoring 17-Year-Old's Cell Phone Texts

Posted on 4/16/2016

My son will be 17 in July. Do you think it is inappropriate for me to read his text messages without his knowledge? He has been experimenting sexually with girls, touching and heavy kissing...

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13 yo Boredom

Posted on 4/2/2016

We have a very bored 13 year old on our hands. It is now the school holidays and he is bored, bored,bored. It is not the boredom itself that we are worried about. It is the fact that he shows no...

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18-Year-Old and 13-Year-Old Brothers' TV Watching Habits

Posted on 3/1/2016

I have a 13 year old son who is well rounded and a very good student. He is respectful and relatively obedient as far as an average 13 year old goes. However a situation has arisen and I would...

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15-Year-Old Daughter's Electronic Use

Posted on 2/17/2016

Electronic ownership So that our child (15) is not an outcast at new school, we purchased her an Iphone. (She contributes to the cost of the data plan for texting.) Due to a policy infraction,...

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Monitoring Cell Phone Texts

Posted on 2/11/2016

We recently gave my son his own cell phone. He's been asking for one for two years. A lot of the kids in his class did have one when they were 8 years old, and I was shocked that they had a cell...

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9 yo Wants Electronics

Posted on 2/3/2016

Thanks Dinah for your advice regarding my 9 year old. I am following what you gave said. Last night he broke down and said he is so unpopular at school as he doesn't have electronics like a...

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4 1/2 Year Old Throws Tantrums When Told What to Do

Posted on 1/31/2016

My husband and I have a 4 1/2 year old son who can be delightful and exceptionally good when he decides to be. Which is usually when he is with anyone besides my husband and I. I know an element...

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Limiting 16yo's Video Game/Cell Phone Time

Posted on 1/25/2016

We would like to limit our 16 year old sons video/ cell phone time. We think homework should come first and then free time. He wants to relax after school which frequently results in homework...

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Monitoring 18 yo daughter

Posted on 1/15/2016

When our daughter was 18 she "ran away" from home to live with a 31yo man. Seven months later, after getting pregnant and being abused by him, she asked to come home. She is now 20, and her...

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It's God's Fault

Posted on 10/30/2015

Hi Melinda thank you for your recent advice. The situation with our 9 year old son has gotten worse since last night. Im at my wits end with him . I took him to a church meeting last night. He...

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Posted on 10/30/2015

I would like advice on how to address grades with my 11-year old son. During the past few years he has been on the A/B honor roll or just shy from it. This year his grades are inconsistent. One...

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Finding Articles on Computer Addiction

Posted on 10/10/2015

Did Mr. Rosemond write an article on computer addiction? If so, how can I access it?

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Teen Electronic Use

Posted on 10/6/2015

We have a 14.5 year old daughter who is a sophomore in high school. We just moved to a new town. We are living in a small condo (1,000sf), two bedrooms, open kitchen, dining room, sitting area. ...

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Appreciative Father

Posted on 9/8/2015

Thank you Sarah for taking a few minutes to answer my question. You asked what riles me up about her texting and am I trying to curtail her interaction with boys or texting. The short answer is...

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Computer Usage at Public Schools

Posted on 8/28/2015

Is there any hope at all of public schools teaching children without the continual use of computers? We refused to sign the computer access papers for two of ours, and yet the teachers are...

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Teen Cellphone Use Out of Control

Posted on 7/28/2015

Despite being among the last parents to give our teens phones, their usage with those, as well as chatting with friends via the computer has gotten out of hand. Unfortunately, the school now...

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22 yr old video game addiction

Posted on 5/13/2015

My 22 year old son games all the time. What do you say or do with this age of kid to help him end his addiction? His life is falling away from him.

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Movies harmful to kids?

Posted on 4/20/2015

Do you feel the same way about movies as you do about television? We have never had TV in our house but we do allow our children to watch children's movies. Does this have the same negative impact...

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13 yo birds and bees discussion

Posted on 4/8/2015

Good day, My 13 year old, turning 14 in August, he will be a High schooler. After months of suspension now has his phone back which I have to beg him for to return nightly to me ... almost as if...

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13 year old cell phone use

Posted on 3/31/2015

My husband and I monitor our 13 year old son's texts on his cell phone. He now has a "girlfriend" and deletes his text strands with her because he knows that we check his texts. I truly don't...

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Screen Time

Posted on 3/16/2015

In a previous question about ADHD symptoms and screen time, you responded, "As for screen time, I would nix that altogether--there's too much evidence that it impairs the brain in learning ......

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13 yo Inappropriate Cell Phone Use

Posted on 3/10/2015

I’m not sure how to handle this situation; any advice will be greatly appreciated. Here it goes: Back in Oct my daughter turned 13 and her father bought her a phone. I wasn’t thrilled, but I...

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Internet Safety

Posted on 2/18/2015

Hi I have a girl 11 and a boy 8 and i am trying very hard to keep them safe online. At home we have a parental block and they are not allowed on the net without myself or mum being...

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Electronic-Free--To Be or Not to Be?

Posted on 2/5/2015

What's your opinion of a weekly electronic-free family day to help teens get rid of distractions and focus on the family? Also, we take a yearly trip to spend about a week with their grandparents...

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9 yr old loves those video games

Posted on 1/12/2015

My 9 year old son is showing a video game addiction. I really feel that he is becoming addicted although his game time is very limited to 2 hours a week at most. We homeschool so he is on the...

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3 Year Old Imagination Jumpstart

Posted on 1/6/2015

Following good advice from here, we have pulled the plug on TV with our 3-year-old son for a while. It's been a few days, and my heart breaks to see how much his imagination and ability to play...

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3 year old TV Time

Posted on 1/2/2015

We have made the mistake of introducing television to our son at an early age. We definitely limit it to 30 minutes-1 hour a day of something educational, but he LOVES it and prefers it over most...

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11 yo Social Issues

Posted on 12/28/2014

Our concern is our 11 year old grandson. Our daughter is a single parent, age 47 who is quite affluent. She is an excellent mother in some areas but neglects him in other ways. She has allowed...

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