8 year old issues

Posted on 3/15/2015

Overwhelmed with issues..... Our 8 year old son has verified life threatening (anaphylactic) food allergies to peanuts, wheat, eggs, dairy and others. He was recently diagnosed by a psychologist...

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Wonderful 3's!

Posted on 10/30/2014

I have an almost 3 year son ( he turns 3 in January) who is a very sweet child….most of the time. In the last month - he has become more aggressive and having more tantrums. He goes to school 2...

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Wayward College Kid

Posted on 10/27/2014

Our 19yo daughter is sophomore in college at an expensive school in a very distant state. We pay all expenses, as well as rent, cell phone, utilities. She has a small loan. She was awarded an...

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3 year old Stutters

Posted on 10/5/2014

Our 3 yo grandson stutters badly, but not all the time. Is this something he'll outgrow?

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Nearly 9 year old "Changes"

Posted on 8/27/2014

My older boy is 8.5. Have you noticed any common changes that happen as children near 9 years old? We are noticing some things with him-,some behavior-wise, some just needing more interacting...

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14 month old Not Sitting Still

Posted on 8/15/2014

Our son is 14 months old. Because of difficulty finding a good church we haven't regularly attended church in about a year. Now that we have moved and are once again attending service we find he...

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Sit silently?!

Posted on 7/24/2014

My 3.5 yo son has been on the ticket system for 5 weeks with the only goal being OBEDIENCE to every command given. He has shown slow, slow improvement. It is a rare day that he isn't in bed...

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27 month old late talker

Posted on 7/16/2014

Our 27 month old daughter is a late talker. Her hearing has proven to be healthy no other disorders. She's never even had an ear infection. She walked later at 17 months and as my second child,...

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Take a Break from Karate for Pre-Kindergartener

Posted on 5/24/2014

My son has been a karate student for a year now. When he was 4 the class length for his age range was 30 minutes. Now that he is 5 he has entered a new level and the class runs for 60 minutes. ...

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Toe Walking

Posted on 5/23/2014

My daughter is 9, turning 10 this September. I've read in a recent column about "The Doctor". I see she is on the cusp of the age range for when this method would be most appropriate. She...

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DiGeorge Syndrome

Posted on 5/14/2014

How severe is the effect on parenting is a diagnosis of DiGeorge syndrome (deletion of piece of chromosome 22 ) on the application of the fundamental parenting principles taught in your published...

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2 yo night terrors cured with tonsilectomy

Posted on 5/5/2014

I just wanted to send a quick update about a question I asked a few months ago. My 2 year old was having night terrors and I mentioned that she was having her tonsils and adenoids out, which we...

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7 mo parents let her watch television

Posted on 4/27/2014

My seven month old granddaughter's parents have the TV turned to a children's program two or more hours a day in the living room where she plays. She actually watches it quite a bit, turning to...

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4 yo uses "baby talk" sometimes

Posted on 4/18/2014

Our 4 1/2 year old grandson (middle child with 6 yr old and 2 yr old sisters) frequently uses "baby talk". It doesn't seem to be an attention seeking device. When we ask him to repeat in his...

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18 mo separation anxiety

Posted on 4/4/2014

Hello Gurus! Our 18-month-old goes part-time (24 hours/week) to day care and adores it. She exhibits no fear of strangers when we're out and about (smiling, waving, asking for hugs) and when we...

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19 mo clingy

Posted on 3/30/2014

I have three kids, 3.5 year old daughter and 19 month old boy and girl twins. The boy twin is really clingy and cries if I don't carry him around. He would like to come everywhere with me. It's...

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4 Year Old Can't Stand When Others Laugh

Posted on 3/18/2014

My daughter, for as long as I can remember, has had a huge problem with being laughed at. She loves to be goofy and do funny things but as soon as you or anyone else starts laughing she...

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17 month old has atrocious table manners

Posted on 3/5/2014

Hello there, How much should you realistically expect out of a 17-month-old in terms of table manners? Our daughter still enjoys dropping food to the floor - sometimes it means "I am done with...

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toddler wants mamma all to herself

Posted on 2/22/2014

18 month old possessive of mommy: If my husband touches me or if I hold another child's hand, my daughter (only child) gets upset and starts saying "NO". If the touching doesn't stop, she gets...

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16 Month Old ~ Entertaining Themselves

Posted on 11/12/2013

I am not sure what is developmentally appropriate behavior for a 16 month old. She is very demanding of attention and more or less wants entertained most of the time. However, she gravitates...

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Cling-On Toddler

Posted on 10/7/2013

I have a 15 month old daughter who, from the moment I pick her up from daycare to bedtime, is stuck to me like velcro. She would like to be in my arms or have me playing with her all evening. ...

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4 year old : How to handle tics

Posted on 9/21/2013

Our 4 yr old has developed a tic (clearing throat or coughing). She has had many changes in her life recently. What can we do to alleviate this before it becomes a permanent issue?

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3 year old : Techniques appropriate for special needs?

Posted on 5/23/2013

I'm a pediatric speech-language pathologist and I frequently recommend John's books to my patients' parents. Many of my patients have some degree of cognitive impairment due to Down Syndrome,...

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Teenager : Handling Adult Children?

Posted on 2/21/2013

We have a 21-yr old daughter from my husband's 1st marriage. She was suspended from college after 2 yrs of going and is waiting to be eligible to go back. in the meantime, we let her help with my...

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3 year old : Reasonable expectations for behavior

Posted on 9/14/2012

Our daughter recently turned 3 and we're confused about how much we can expect from her. She seems to be in a kind of in-between phase, not really a toddler but not quite out of toddler-hood...

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3 year old : Is there a different approach to potty training with a developmentally delayed child?

Posted on 8/14/2012

I have a three and a half year old son who has been diagnosed with global developmental delay and low muscle tone. He has been in physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy since a...

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8 year old : Reading

Posted on 7/7/2012

How do I get my son to like reading. I read to him at night whenever I can and he will read sometimes, but for the most part he doesn't like to read. I try to get books that he enjoys and have...

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4 year old : Behavioud of a Child of a depressed mother

Posted on 7/2/2012

We have a lot of issues with our 4 year old girl, who has been exposed to her mom having breast cancer and Mastectomy (Nov. 1 2011) and still going through depression and anxiety attacks, her Mom...

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2 year old : Age appropriate skills

Posted on 4/25/2012

This weekend, my two year old daughter got to meet her 2 year old 2nd cousin for the first time. He read hotdog off the menu (his parents said he did; no one else heard him) so they ordered him...

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4 year old : Reading

Posted on 4/2/2012

I am curious on your perspective on when kids "should" learn to read. I learned to read in the first grade, though learning to read in kindergarten now is the norm. My husband has bought beginning...

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5 year old wants to wear diapers

Posted on 6/27/2011

My 5 year old grandson potty trained successfully at two years old in about one week . However, shortly after he was potty trained he began wanting to wear a diaper and to this day he will steal...

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Baby Talk .

Posted on 12/6/2010

Q. When my 12 year old is happy, pleased with herself or in a space where she is receiving one-on-one attention she often speaks in baby talk tones. There is a lot of "I love you", "you're my Mom"...

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Disciplining a spolied 12 year old

Posted on 10/8/2010

My 12 year old daughter is spoiled and there is no one else to blame but me. I now realize that I've done her a great disservice by spoiling her and I want to change. She will not do her...

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Adult Reading Skills

Posted on 8/11/2008

This question might be a little crazy, but I searched your archives & found nothing, so... My husband is not a great reader - reads very slowly & tends to have trouble with new or big words. He...

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Speech Evaluation?

Posted on 8/3/2008

We have have had concerns about our 3 1/2-year-old son's speech. We still have trouble understanding him and we worry that he isn't where he needs to be. Also, he is still having tantrums. ...

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Loud noise - Autism?

Posted on 8/3/2008

I posted earlier today about my 3 and 1/2-year-old son being evaluated regarding speech and tantrums. He also has these tantrums/crying when he is being exposed to loud noises like today during...

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15 Mo. Old Wants Me to Read to him all day.

Posted on 8/2/2008

Hi! I have a 15 month old who is obsessed with having me read to him...I think he would like me to read all day...after each book, he wants me to read it again or grabs another one and hands it to...

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Copycat 3yo

Posted on 7/16/2008

Our 3 year old son is such a copycat. He copies his little sister (20 months old); his peers; his older cousins. It's maddening! Today was the kicker for me. We went to the store with his aunt...

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child repeating herself

Posted on 7/5/2008

I'm the one who submitted the question about my child repeating herself. I have followed your advice, but she is still doing it, only now she is very adept at hiding it. Do I see a pediatrician...

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Speech therapy generally not needed

Posted on 9/20/2007

My daughter didn't have hardly any words at all when she was 18 months old. I was very worried about it and was referred for testing from my pediatrician. Many states have free programs for...

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Emotional ten year old

Posted on 12/17/2006

Our ten year old daughter who has always been very intelligent, funny and happy, has begun in the past year to suffer from bouts of depression. She becomes quite sad and sometimes a little...

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speech problem

Posted on 11/9/2006

I volunteer at a Daycare Center whose clientele is mostly single mothers on the "welfare-to-work" program. One mother, in her mid '20's, has two out-of-control sons, ages 2 and 4. They both...

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Stuttering, Stammering or Dysfluency

Posted on 11/6/2006

I tried to research any questions on stammering but could not find my situation. I have a bright little daughter that has been able to speak in full sentences since before the age of 2. In fact,...

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tics in 6 year old

Posted on 9/24/2006

My almost 6 yr old has been doing a winking /squinting tic with his left eye for the past few months which is getting worse (several times an hour, 5-30 seconds each). Usually he doesn't seem to...

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ADD Symtoms Still a Problem!!

Posted on 8/25/2006

What if you have been reading and applying Rosemond's parenting techniques since the birth of your first child, followed all the tv and behavior rules, and your child still exhibits...

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Poor sport

Posted on 8/25/2006

My 8 yo old son is a poor sport. His dad loves sports and couldn't wait until our son was old enough to play on teams. He just got kicked off of his soccer team because of his rudeness to other...

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Kid with Tourette's syndrome

Posted on 8/3/2006

My 11 y/o son probably has Tourette's. It started with a bad strep infection in the middle of 4th grade and just never went away. He struggles sometimes and other days has no problems at all...

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7 year old emotions

Posted on 7/22/2006

We have a 7 yr old son who breaks down emotionally when punished or things simply don't go his way. Is this normal or have we done this to him? It hasn't stopped the punishment from happening.

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Recommendation for books on puberty

Posted on 7/20/2006

Our 10 year old daughter is beginning to show signs of early puberty, which her pediatrician says is normal for her age. As the mom, I have always been open with our daughter and her questions...

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