Parenting Webinars

Webinars will be offered on Managing Teenagers, Effective Discipline with Children of School Age, Effective Discipline with Toddlers, Homework Management and a host of other topics.  The webinars you'll find through and are a great way to interact with John Rosemond, his hand-picked special guests and his Certified Leadership Parenting Coaches.

What is a Webinar and what do I need to attend?

A webinar is a live meeting online.  What do you need to attend?  A computer, tablet or smartphone, and the capability to hear audio.  At times, when the presenters will take questions, you may also need a microphone so that we can turn your audio on for your to ask your question.  Once you purchse your admission, you will be sent a registration link to register for the webinar.  Then you just need the link in the registration email confirmation to attend. 

Join us for these upcoming webinars (links take you to, where you can purchase your admission to the webinar):

Virtual Q&A With John, December 9, 2-4pm EST