"If; when your child does something "bad," you feel bad about it, your child won't. "

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How To Make Children Do Chores

Posted on 11/21/1996

<i>This is the absolutely true story of how Willie and I took two children who "would not lift a finger around the house'' and removed them from Family Welfare:</i> When our children, Eric and...

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8- and 10-Year-Old Forgetting Chores

Posted on 1/18/1996

TO HELP KIDS REMEMBER TO DO CHORES, POST THEM ON A SCHEDULE Q. We've tried various forms of punishment to get our children, ages 10 and 8, to remember their chores. But nothing works. We find...

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Allowances - Part 3

Posted on 8/19/1994

NEVER REWARD GOOD GRADES WITH MONEY Q. Should parents ever reward children with money for good grades? A. Not! School is for learning, not making money. When parents pay children for good...

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Allowances - Part 2

Posted on 8/12/1994

CONTROL ALLOWANCE, BUT BE GENTLE WITH THOSE GENEROUS GRANDPARENTS This is the second in a 3-part series on children and money matters. Q. Should parents set rules on how a child can use an...

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Allowances - Part 1

Posted on 8/5/1994

ALLOWANCES TEACH HOW TO SPEND, SAVE FIRST OF THREE PARTS For whatever reason, parents have asked me a lot of questions lately about allowances. I've decided to cash in on this surge of...

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Thoughts on Parenting and Families - Part 3

Posted on 8/27/1993

PARENTS: PRETEND YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING Still more thoughts on parenting and families, the conclusion of a three-part series. For a free reprint of the entire series, send a self-addressed,...

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Thoughts on Parenting and Families - Part 2

Posted on 8/13/1993

ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS ON PARENTHOOD, FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS, RAISING CHILDREN Continued from last week, and continued next week: * To say the more attention a child gets, the better, is as...

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Allowances are Okay, but Don't Pay for Chores

Posted on 7/16/1993

AN ALLOWANCE IS OK, BUT DON'T PAY FOR CHORES Q. Should children be paid for doing chores around the home? A. Every child older than 3 should be expected to perform a daily regimen of...

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Posted on 3/5/1993

THEIR TEENAGERS HAVE FINALLY ASKED FOR AN ALLOWANCE; NOW WHAT? Q. Based on your advice, our two children have been required to help with housework for the last five years. They're now in...

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Siblings Bicker Over Chores

Posted on 7/31/1992

IF SIBLINGS ALWAYS SQUABBLE OVER CHORES, HERE'S A CURE Q. We have three children, ages 8, 6 and 5. When it comes time to pick up toys, they argue with one another over who should pick up...

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7-Year-Old Bribes 5-Year-Old to do Chores

Posted on 3/10/1991

DO YOU WORRY IF BROTHER BRIBES SISTER? Q. I assigned chores to both of my children. Each of them now has a daily routine that they perform without complaint. Occasionally, however, my 7-year-...

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8- and 10-Year-Old Chore Issues

Posted on 4/22/1990

WHEN CHORES ARE KID STUFF, A LITTLE ORGANIZING HELPS Q. We've tried various forms of punishment, including restriction and deducting money from their allowances, to get our children, ages 10...

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6 Point Plan for Raising Happy, Healthy Children

Posted on 8/6/1989

6 COMMANDMENTS FOR PARENTS A reader from Albuquerque asks, "What is this Six-Point Plan' you wrote about several weeks ago?" Well, in addition to being in the title of my book "John...

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It is Not Too Late to Teach 14-Year-Old the Three R's

Posted on 11/6/1988

I recently gave my "Helping Children Succeed in School" workshop to a group of professional educators in Phoenix, Ariz. In it, I explained that if parents want their children to become...

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Questions about Doing Chores

Posted on 8/21/1988

CHILDREN SHOULD START DOING CHORES AS YOUNG AS 3 Q. At what age should parents begin assigning chores to children? How much of a child's time should chores consume? How about suggesting some...

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13-Year-Old Has Messy Room

Posted on 1/31/1988

GODFATHERLIKE OFFER' WILL KEEP DAUGHTER'S ROOM TIDY Q. Our 13-year-old daughter's room is an absolute disaster! The floor is littered with albums, clothes, magazines and other personal...

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Traditional Child-Rearing: The Rules of the Game

Posted on 1/17/1988

Once upon a time, people got married, had children and reared them. It wasn't something our forebears spent a lot of time fussing and fretting over. It was just something they did, along with...

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7-Year-Old Doesn't Want Same Bedtime as 4-Year-Old Sibling

Posted on 9/20/1987

FAIRNESS ISN'T ALWAYS ESSENTIAL WITH KIDS We have two sons, ages 4 and 7. Ever since the younger one started sleeping through the night, they've had the same 8:30 bedtime. Chad, the...

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Tips on Child Rearing

Posted on 5/17/1987

A FEW TIPS ON CHILD REARING Some thoughts on raising children, arrived at over the course of more than eighteen years of parenthood. * The secret to raising happy, healthy children: Pay...

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Kids Need to do Chores

Posted on 8/10/1986

KIDS NEED AND TAKE PRIDE IN CHORES One of the conclusions I've reached in talking with parents is that the overwhelming majority to today's children don't have a variety of chores they are...

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