"Children learn whatever you teach them, whether you've intended for them to learn it or not. "

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8-Year-Old Bossy and Verbally Agressive Toward Peers

Posted on 7/7/1995

DON'T TOLERATE PERSISTENT TEMPER TANTRUMS Q. Our 8-year-old daughter has a low tolerance for frustration with her peers. Ever since she was a toddler, she's been bossy with other children, but...

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3-Year-Old Hits Parents

Posted on 6/23/1995

YES, YOU CAN TEACH CHILD NOT TO HIT Q. When our 3-year-old daughter gets mad at us, she sometimes tries to hit us. We're concerned because we read an article that said children who hit their...

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2-Year-Old Bites Himself

Posted on 7/30/1993

PARENTS SHOULDN'T OVERREACT TO SELF-BITING Q. Our 2-year-old occasionally bites himself when he's angry, usually because he didn't get his way. Does this mean he's insecure or that something...

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2-Year-Old is Agressive with Other Children

Posted on 7/24/1992

TO CALM A FIGHTING 2-YEAR-OLD, IT'S BEST TO TAKE HIM AWAY UNTIL HE SETTLES DOWN Q. My 2-year-old can't play with another child without biting or scratching or hitting. I'm at wit's end over...

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4-Year-Old Hitting Parents

Posted on 8/4/1991

HIT-OR-MISS TACTICS WON'T HELP 4-YEAR-OLD Q. Our generally well-behaved and delightful 4-year-old has started hitting us, or trying to hit us, whenever he becomes upset with us. This...

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2-Year-Old Biting

Posted on 5/26/1991

WHEN YOUR 2-YEAR-OLD BITES, DO NOTHING My 2 year-old occasionally bites himself when he is angry over not getting his way. What can I do to stop him? Does this mean he's insecure, or that...

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2-Year-Old Hitting Parents

Posted on 12/9/1990

WHAT TO DO IF YOUR 2-YEAR-OLD HITS YOU Q: Our 2-year-old has started hitting us whenever he doesn't like something we do to him or doesn't get his way. Is it OK to spank him or pop his hand...

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2-Year-Old Friends Fight When Around Each Other

Posted on 9/16/1990

PALS WHOSE KIDS FIGHT: FRIENDSHIP'S SEPARATE Q: We are best friends, writing to you about our two girls, ages 22 months and two years. Both children are easygoing - until they are in the same...

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3-Year-Old Hurting 10-Month-Old

Posted on 2/26/1989

TEACH CHILD NOT TO HURT BABY BROTHER Q. How can we keep our oldest, a 3-year-old daughter, from hurting our 10- month-old? Ever since the baby started crawling, our daughter has been...

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2-Year-Old Biting

Posted on 1/24/1988

DON'T MAKE TOO BIG A DEAL ABOUT BITING Several years ago, I was invited into a day care center to observe a 2- year-old who was biting other children. The teachers were convinced there was...

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2 1/2-Year-Old Agressive with 9-Month-Old Sibling

Posted on 6/28/1987

GET OLDER CHILD TO PLAY GENTLY WITH SISTER Q: Our 2 1/2-year-old son has recently started taking just about every opportunity to hit, bite, push and sit on our 9-month-old. We've tried...

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3-Year-Old Girl Rough With 10-Month-Old Baby

Posted on 9/29/1985

3-YEAR-OLD A BIT TOO ROUGH WHEN SHOWING AFFECTION Q. How can we keep our oldest, a 3-year-old daughter, from hurting our 10-month-old? Ever since the baby started crawling, our daughter...

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