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4-Year-Old Transitioning to Pre-K Program

Posted on 5/24/2005

Be confident in your decision Q: We recently moved our 4-year-old daughter to a new pre-K program. The first couple of weeks were fine, but now she cries and doesn't want to go. She attends...

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Mom Can't Control How Ex Handles 15-Year-Old's School Issues

Posted on 4/26/2005

MOM CAN'T CONTROL HOW EX-HUSBAND HANDLES SON Q: Two years ago, my husband and I separated after 25 years of marriage. We have a daughter who lives on her own and a 15-year-old son who chose...

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Parent Should Focus More on Manners Than Reading for 4-Year-Old

Posted on 3/1/2005

ABCS? PARENTS SHOULD FOCUS MORE ON P'S AND Q'S Through my Web site (www.rosemond.com), a mother recently asked my opinion of teaching her 4-year-old son to read. The child had not expressed...

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8-Year-Old Not Wearing Glasses at School

Posted on 11/16/2004

Q: We recently discovered that our 8-year-old daughter is not wearing her new glasses at school. Even though they are really quite attractive, she says they make her look "nerdy." We have tried...

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9-Year-Old Homework Overload

Posted on 10/12/2004

IT MAY BE TIME TO CHALLENGE YOUR KIDS' HOMEWORK OVERLOAD Q: My 9-year-old fourth-grade twins attend a "high performance" public school. Their teacher assigns homework every day except Friday,...

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Teaching Academics to Toddlers is Worthless

Posted on 9/7/2004

<b>Q: All of the moms in my mother's morning out group are purchasing academic "jump start" programs for their toddlers, some of whom are barely 2. What do you think of this trend, and if I don't...

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8th Grader Not Doing Well in School

Posted on 8/31/2004

SHOULD GIFTED CHILD GO BACK TO REGULAR SCHOOL? Q: Our daughter is in the eighth grade at a magnet school for gifted and talented students. Over the three years she's been there, her grades have...

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First Grader Not Completing School Assignments

Posted on 8/24/2004

Q: At least twice a week, my son's first grade teacher sends home assignments he should have finished in class but didn't, because of dawdling. It's obvious the teacher doesn't, and won't,...

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Smaller Classes Does Not Equal Better Learning

Posted on 6/8/2004

SMALL CLASSES AREN'T A CURE-ALL On his radio talk show, the liberal pundit intoned, "No thinking person would argue that smaller classrooms do not make for better learning." Call me an...

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Public School Teachers

Posted on 3/23/2004

MY CRITICS OFFER LITTLE EVIDENCE It seems I've gone and done it again - infuriated some people, that is. In this case, the people are mostly public school teachers. One teacher reported that...

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6-Year-Old Not Doing Well Being Homeschooled

Posted on 2/3/2004

MOM'S NOT SUCCEEDING AS TEACHER Q: We have fairly significant behavior problems with our 6-year-old son and have tried various disciplinary approaches with little result. The latest problem...

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Back and Forth Homeschooling 6th Grader

Posted on 2/3/2004

Q: I have home-schooled my sixth-grade daughter on and off through elementary school. This school year, I home-schooled her until October, at which time she said she wanted to go to "real" school...

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Are Public School Teachers Slackers?

Posted on 1/27/2004

ARE PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS SLACKERS? On the members' side of my Web site at www.rosemond.com, debate simmers over whether today's public school teachers, as a group, are lazy or dedicated and...

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2nd Grader Does Not Do School Work to his Potential

Posted on 3/18/2003

A'S ONLY CODDLE THIS UNDERACHIEVER Q My second-grade son has received straight A's on both report cards this year. He receives only satisfactory marks in effort, however. His teacher recently...

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16-Year-Old Should Pay for Tutoring

Posted on 3/18/2003

Q: Our 16-year-old daughter was struggling with algebra, so we got her a tutor. She has a part-time job. Do you think she should pay for all or part of the tutoring? A: The best approach was...

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Divorced Parents of 8-Year-Old Should "Tag Team" Discipline

Posted on 2/18/2003

TAG-TEAM DISCIPLINE WORKS - IF IT'S WELL-COORDINATED Q: My husband's 8-year-old son lives with his mother. We see him every other weekend and for two weeks in the summer. He has major problems...

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"Jump-Start" Programs are Worthless

Posted on 10/29/2002

MANNERS FIRST, THEN MOUSE PADS Q: What is your opinion of the spate of computer-driven academic "jump start" programs for children as young as 3, if not younger? All of the mothers in my...

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Unorganized 8-Year-Old Has Difficulty Completing School Assignments

Posted on 6/18/2002

TO TEACH ORGANIZATION, BE PREPARED Q: My 8-year-old daughter had an overall B average in third grade, but she has had difficulty completing assignments since the first grade. Mostly this is due...

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1st Grader Labeled Because She Is Struggling

Posted on 5/7/2002

LABELING KIDS ISN'T HELPFUL Q: I thought my first-grade daughter was having a successful school year, but her teacher feels she is struggling and may have a learning disability. Apparently, she...

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16-Year-Old Academic Problems

Posted on 12/18/2001

EXPERIENCES OF FAILURE ARE NECESSARY FOR KIDS' GROWTH A mother recently asked for advice on her 16-year-old son's academic problems. He needed nightly help with his homework, she said, and she...

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Teacher Wants 3rd Grader Tested for ADD

Posted on 11/6/2001

TEACHERS NOT QUALIFIED TO IDENTIFY ADD Q: This is my son's first year in a new, private school. Already, his third-grade teacher has suggested that we have him tested for attention deficit...

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2nd Grader's Teacher Uses Reward System for Good Behavior

Posted on 9/4/2001

DISCIPLINE WORKS BETTER THAN REWARDS Q. My son's second-grade teacher is using a reward system to encourage good classroom behavior. Children earn tickets for behaving properly and can cash...

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Parent Should Not Be Homework Buddy

Posted on 7/24/2001

LIMIT HELPING WITH HOMEWORK TO ENCOURAGE RESPONSIBLE CHILDREN Q: Is it possible to get today's children to do their own homework? At the school our daughter attends, the teachers believe...

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Posted on 1/30/2001

CRITIQUE OF RITALIN BALANCES WHAT 'ESTABLISHMENT' SAYS I have become the target of those who confuse the messenger with the message. Two columns ago, I reviewed "Ritalin is Not the Answer"...

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7-Year-Old Frustrated Doing Homework

Posted on 1/23/2001

DOING HOMEWORK ALONE CAN END MELTDOWNS Q. Our 7-year-old son often, almost nightly in fact, becomes very frustrated doing his homework. If he encounters a problem that gives him difficulty, he...

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Book Clearly Explains ADD/ADHD

Posted on 1/16/2001

BOOK CLEARLY EXPLAINS ATTENTION DEFICIT I'm going to break with my general rule forbidding such things and endorse a parenting book. Even if you don't have a child "with" attention deficit...

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School's Issues with Parents

Posted on 1/9/2001

HERE'S WHY YOUR KID'S SCHOOL IS AFRAID TO ANSWER THE PHONE A teacher somewhere in America sent me a message one of her colleagues proposed for the new phone system in their high school. She...

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6-Year-Old Does Not Talk About School Day

Posted on 12/12/2000

JUST DON'T PUSH YOUR FIRST-GRADER; SHE'LL EVENTUALLY TALK ABOUT SCHOOL Q. My 6-year-old daughter is in the first grade, and other than the papers she brings home I have no idea what or how...

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12th Grader Doesn't Want to go to College

Posted on 11/28/2000

TRUST AN ABLE 12TH-GRADER TO STEER HIMSELF IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION Q. Our 12th-grade son, an honor student, has recently told us he doesn't want to go to college. Instead, he wants to become a...

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Homework is not Parents' Job

Posted on 10/3/2000

HOVERING OVER HOMEWORK ISN'T PARENTS' JOB An outraged mother recently showed me a letter received from her son's second-grade teacher, the theme of which was the importance of parental...

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13-Year-Old Homework Issue

Posted on 8/1/2000

TEENS WILL RESIST YOUR ATTEMPTS TO 'MICROMANAGE' THEIR LIVES Q. My 13-year-old son waits until the last possible moment to begin doing his homework. He no longer has a set bedtime, but he must...

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Parents Making a Difference

Posted on 5/9/2000

YES, PARENTS CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE I began soliciting "Parenting at its Best" stories about six months ago and have received quite a number of good ones, but this one is in the top 10....

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10-Year-Old School Issues

Posted on 4/25/2000

ADD? NO, THIS SOUNDS LIKE A CASE OF SSS Q. I am apparently the mom of a severely messed-up 10 year-old. According to his teacher, he shows signs of attention deficit disorder (about 3 out of...

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12-Year-Old in Danger of Failing 6th Grade

Posted on 2/15/2000

ONLY YOUR 6TH-GRADER CAN DECIDE HE SHOULD GET SERIOUS ABOUT SCHOOL Q. Our 12-year-old son is in danger of failing the sixth grade and, as usual, doesn't seem to care. Everyone agrees he's...

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7-Year-Old has Difficulty Completing Written Assignments

Posted on 12/21/1999

LEFTY SON MAY JUST NEED PENMANSHIP PRACTICE Q. Our 7-year-old, second-grade son has difficulty completing written assignments, including math. He is left-handed and has some difficulty with...

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Schools Spending Money on Parent Lawsuits

Posted on 10/19/1999

SCHOOLS JUST CAN'T WIN IN LAWSUIT GAME If you want to know where a good amount of the money is going, going, gone in public education, it's into hiring defense attorneys to fight lawsuits that...

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Teacher's High Expectations of Students Gets Short-Changed by Parents

Posted on 8/31/1999

PARENTS DON'T LET SCHOOLS DEMAND KIDS' BEST Q. As an elementary teacher, I require that my students complete assignments and behave appropriately to earn the privilege of playtime and fun...

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4-Year-Old with Constant Stream of Questions

Posted on 8/17/1999

CHILD NEEDS TO ANSWER HIS OWN QUESTION Q. I am a first-year teacher of 4-year-olds in a private prekindergarten program. In my college program in child development, it was axiomatic that one...

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Public School Education

Posted on 7/27/1999

TEACHERS' GROUP HAS LED PUBLIC EDUCATION ASTRAY A teacher's union paper in New York recently reprinted a column of mine, headlined, "Re-arrange the Letters in 'Rosemond' and You Get 'Moron...

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1st Grader Not Finishing Assignments in Class

Posted on 5/25/1999

Q. At least twice a week, my son's first-grade teacher sends home assignments he should have finished in class but didn't because of dawdling. It's obvious the teacher doesn't, and won't, penalize...

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Self-Esteem, Self-Control and School Shootings

Posted on 4/27/1999

SCHOOLS VALUE SELF ESTEEM BUT IGNORE SELF CONTROL I've always thought investigative reporter Ed Bradley (''60 Minutes'') made reasonably good sense, even when I've disagreed with him. Not this...

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Challenge Miss Tardy to Beat Inspection Bell

Posted on 3/30/1999

<b>Q. Our 6-year-old drags her feet every school morning. I end up helping her dress, brushing her hair, etc., in order to get out the door on time. I've tried everything from rewards to spanking....

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5-Year-Old Has Anxiety Over School

Posted on 11/24/1998

CHILD'S FEAR IS REAL, BUT SHE'LL GET OVER IT WITH HELP Q. My 5-year-old daughter was so nervous on the first day of school that she threw up shortly after getting there. Since then, she's been...

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Kids No Longer Take Responsbility for Misbehavior

Posted on 9/8/1998

WE'VE TRAINED A GENERATION NOT TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY One of the mantras oft recited by the psychologists of my generation is "criticize the behavior, not the child.'' For example, instead of...

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Computer Educational Games

Posted on 8/4/1998

COMPUTERS AREN'T MAGIC; BUT STUDENT'S MOTIVATION IS Q. Our elementary school principal is all fired up about a multimedia educational packet that will allow our children, grades K-6, to take...

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Mom Worried That 3-Year-Old Is Not Prepared for Preschool

Posted on 7/28/1998

PRESCHOOLERS NEED SOCIAL SKILLS, BUT NOT SOCIAL STUDIES Q. My friends and I both have 3-year-old boys who will enter 4-year-old kindergarten this fall. I'm concerned because her son knows how...

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12-Year-Old Athlete Not Maintaining Good Grades

Posted on 7/21/1998

GRADES SLIPPED; MUST CHILD MISS SOCCER TOURNAMENT? Q. Four years ago, we adopted an 8-year-old girl with multiple developmental and behavior problems. Prior to joining our family, she had been...

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Instead of Retention, Create Transitional Grades

Posted on 6/16/1998

TRANSITIONAL GRADES COULD HELP END RETENTION Ten years ago, the National Association of School Psychologists published a position paper claiming that retention - holding a child back in grade...

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School Shootings: Guns are not the Problem

Posted on 6/9/1998

GUNS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM; NEW LACK OF DISCIPLINE IS For reasons obvious to all except those who've been on an extended media fast, the 1997-98 school year may well become known as the "Year of...

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ADD is Real

Posted on 6/2/1998

ADD IS REAL, BUT RETHINK CAUSES AND TREATMENT In a May 10 commentary, Andrea Brunais, editorial page editor for The Tallahassee Democrat, says I don't believe in attention deficit disorder. Oh...

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