"If; when your child does something "bad," you feel bad about it, your child won't. "

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Toilet Training Success

Posted on 5/12/2009

PARENTS' ATTITUDE IS KEY TO POTTY TRAINING SUCCESS Two weeks ago, I addressed what has become the No. 1 Toilet Training Problem in America: children who refuse to use the toilet for bowel...

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Toilet Training: Just Do It

Posted on 4/28/2009

THIS GENERATION'S WAYS OF POTTY TRAINING HAS GOTTA GO What's it going to take for American parents to realize that just as it's far easier to house-train a 4-month-old puppy than a 1-year-old...

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2-Year-Old Girl Rejecting Dad and Brother

Posted on 1/13/2009

TOT'S BEHAVIOR MAY NOT BE TIED TO MEDICAL ILLS Q: As a result of being born with PHACES syndrome, my 2-year-old daughter has had numerous facial and eye operations. Because of all the stress,...

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2 1/2-Year-Old Boy Overly Tired From Waking Up During the Night

Posted on 1/6/2009


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2-Year-Old Boy Socialization Opportunities

Posted on 1/6/2009

Q. How important is it that I provide my 2-year-old with socialization opportunities? The other mothers in the neighborhood have formed a play group for their toddlers, but they seem to spend most...

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16-Month-Old Boy Refuses to Feed Himself

Posted on 12/30/2008

PARENTS SHOULD CALMLY HELP BABY LEARN TO FEED HIMSELF Q. Our 16-month-old son refuses to feed himself. He will not even touch his food other than to throw it to the floor. If I try to put a bit...

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Early is Better Than Later For Toilet Training

Posted on 10/7/2008

EARLY IS BETTER THAN LATER FOR BABY'S TOILET TRAINING I've said many times that letting a child older than 30 months soil and wet herself several times a day is an insult to the child's...

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Toddler Toilet Training

Posted on 9/23/2008

PARENTS GET CREATIVE AND GET GOOD RESULTS As regular readers of this column know, my advice tends toward the "psychologically incorrect" end of the spectrum. As a consequence, I frequently...

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Toilet Training: Lose the Diapers Early

Posted on 9/2/2008

LOSE THE DIAPERS ASAP From the Great Suggestions Department: Amanda from Illinois shares a great idea concerning night-time "potty" training. She writes: "When my first daughter was day-time...

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33-Month-Old Girl Being Spoiled by Grandmother

Posted on 7/15/2008

LET GRANDMA CATER TO TODDLER IF SHE LIKES Q: My daughter is 33 months old and has been potty-trained for a year now. When my mom comes to visit, or when we go to her house, she still reads my...

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PreSchool-Age Kids' Tantrums

Posted on 6/10/2008

TAMP DOWN TODDLER'S TANTRUMS EARLY An Atlanta pediatrician sent me an article from the February issue of Pediatric News describing research on tantrums in children ages 3-6. Intrigued, I spent...

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18-Month-Old Boy Crys at Restaurants

Posted on 4/1/2008

CRYING AT RESTAURANTS IS TOUGH BEHAVIOR TO CHANGE, SO EAT IN Q. How should I handle an 18-month-old who cries at a restaurant because he wants out of his high chair to sit with me or someone...

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Second Grade Girl's Teacher Does Not Correct Homework

Posted on 2/5/2008

REVIEW CHILD'S HOMEWORK IF TEACHER ISN'T CORRECTING IT Q. My daughter's second-grade teacher does not correct homework but only checks whether or not it was done. I find that my daughter often...

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13 - Month - Old Child Having Difficulty Adjusting To Daycare

Posted on 11/20/2007

TAKING BUNNY AWAY ONLY ADDS TO TOT'S FEELINGS OF INSECURITY Q. I work at a day care where a 13-month-old child is having difficulty adjusting. She has a rash around her mouth from constant...

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3 - Year - Old - Child Controlling Parent

Posted on 11/20/2007

Don't let child control you Q. My 3-year-old is a control freak. She's usually agreeable and obeys the first time more often than not. However, she often attempts to control her...

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2-Year-Old Child Being Clingy

Posted on 10/16/2007

COPING WITH A CLINGY CHILD; A SOLUTION FOR SIBLING BATTLES Q. Our family just moved to a new city and my 2 1/2-year-old son won't do anything during the day but follow me around. If I give...

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Mealtime Issues With Young Children

Posted on 9/4/2007

Spilled drinks Q. My 2-year-old has a bad habit of tipping over a regular cup at meals. He will take a drink and then just dump the rest onto the tray of his highchair. We have tried only...

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2-Year-Old Girl Being Rough With Younger Sibling

Posted on 8/21/2007

HOW TO KEEP TODDLER FROM PLAYING TOO ROUGH WITH BABY Q. My 2-year-old loves her 11-month-old little sister and will play nicely with her most of the time. At times, however, she gets excited...

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Youngsters Don't Need To Use Computers

Posted on 7/3/2007

YOUNGSTERS DON'T NEED TO USE COMPUTERS Q: The first time our children visited the grandparents this summer, Grandpa began asking the oldest if he was going to computer camp this summer, if he...

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Ticket Method for Discipline

Posted on 5/1/2007

WANT A WAY TO TRAIN CHILDREN TO BEHAVE? HERE'S THE TICKET Q: John, several other parents have told me about your "ticket" method for dealing with misbehavior, but I wonder if I can get it...

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Aggressvie Children

Posted on 4/24/2007

STOP AGGRESSION WITH SIR METHOD Last week I promised to provide a tried-and-true solution to a problem that is increasing in both frequency and magnitude: children who are aggressive toward...

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3-Year-Old Tantrums

Posted on 4/10/2007

EARLY LESSON IN GOOD BEHAVIOR TAMPS DOWN A TEMPER TANTRUM I had a conflict with one of my grandchildren the other day during which I was insensitive to his feelings, used my size advantage to...

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3-Year-Old Sleeping Issue

Posted on 2/20/2007

ALLOWING KIDS TO SLEEP IN YOUR BED CAN LEAD TO A NIGHTMARE Sometimes I wonder if parents understand the concept of robbing Peter to pay Paul - that taking the easy way out of a parenting...

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3-Year-Old in Timeout

Posted on 1/16/2007

Time-out turnaround Q: In looking over the last 25 years of your work, I've discovered that in one place you said a 3-year-old should spend no more than three minutes in time-out, but in...

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Toddler/Preschool Classes

Posted on 1/9/2007

ALL THOSE CLASSES FOR TOTS WON'T TEACH WHAT REALLY MATTERS Q: In my hometown, various enrichment programs for children under 3 are proliferating. A 2-year-old can take ballet, music, yoga, or...

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3-Year-Old Going to Preschool

Posted on 1/2/2007

TODDLERS WHO DON'T GO TO PRESCHOOL UNLIKELY TO FALL BEHIND THEIR PEERS Q: At what age do you think children should start going to preschool? My son is going on 3, and he is home with me. I...

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Toddler Tantrums

Posted on 12/12/2006

TODDLER'S TANTRUMS RUIN THE MORNING Q: My daughter skipped the terrible twos and is now going through the even more terrible threes. The worst part of it is her behavior in the morning. When...

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30-Month-Old Twins Won't Go To Sleep

Posted on 12/12/2006

Bedtime turns into playtime The problem: 30-month-old twin boys who have learned to climb out of their cribs, thus turning bedtime into a two-hour play-fest. (Note: beds have been ordered and...

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5- and 2-Year-Old Boys Won't Take Naps

Posted on 12/5/2006

NOW THAT THEY'RE BUNKING TOGETHER, THEY WON'T TAKE NAPS Q: My almost 5- and 2-year-old boys recently moved to a bunk bed to be in the same room. I'm delighted that they have a wonderful...

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2 1/2-Year-Old Obsessions

Posted on 10/24/2006

TODDLER DOESN'T NEED THERAPY TO GET OVER HIS 'OBSESSIONS' Q: My 2 1/2-year-old sometimes becomes obsessed with certain objects or activities. When this happens, it's impossible to distract him...

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19-Month-Old Sleep Issues

Posted on 10/3/2006

TODDLER WON'T SLEEP IN HER OWN ROOM Q: I am adopting a 19-month-old child who has had problems going to sleep on her own since the day I brought her home. At first, I sat next to her while she...

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Toilet Train by Age 2

Posted on 9/26/2006

BE KIND - LIBERATE YOUR BABY FROM DIRTY DIAPERS BY AGE 2 Knowing that I recommend toilet training between 18 and 24 months, and apparently feeling a tad contrary, a reader recently shared with...

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30-Month-Old Moving to New House

Posted on 9/19/2006

Make moving an adventure Q: When and how we should begin preparing our 30-month-old daughter for moving to a new house? Should we tell her a few weeks ahead of time or the week of the move?...

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Grandma Giving Gifts to Grandchildren

Posted on 8/22/2006

LET GRANDMA ENJOY THE FUN OF BRINGING GIFTS FOR THE CHILDREN Q: Should I stop my mom from giving my three preschool kids presents every time she visits? She is usually here once a month for...

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Socializing the Toddler is the Single Biggest Challenge of Parenthood

Posted on 8/15/2006

PARENTS' BIGGEST CHALLENGE IS TAMING THEIR TODDLERS In response to my recent "How to grow a happy child" column, a reader writes that while she agreed with its gist, she was disappointed that I...

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28-Month-Old Sleeping Issues

Posted on 8/8/2006

STAY CALM ABOUT TODDLER'S CHANGING SLEEP PATTERNS Q: Our 28-month-old recently started waking three or four times a night and coming into our room crying. We respond by telling her it's still...

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20-Month-Old Head-Banging

Posted on 6/13/2006

WALK AWAY FROM TODDLER'S HEAD-BANGING SESSIONS Q: Our 20-month-old daughter has recently started banging her head on the floor, walls and hard furniture when we don't give in to her about...

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20-Month-Old Rejecting Dad

Posted on 5/16/2006

This week's question A dad in Florida asks what he might have done to cause his 20-month-old to reject him. Whenever he attempts to do something for his son, the child puts up great physical...

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Baby Needs Structure, Routine; The Discipline Can Come Later

Posted on 5/2/2006

Q: Is it possible to discipline a child below the age of 2, and if so, how? A: If by "discipline" you mean teaching and enforcing proper behavior, the answer is no. Discipline of that sort is...

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Toilet Training

Posted on 3/28/2006

TOILET TRAINING MAY BECOME A THING OF THE PAST I tried to write a column but all I could manage to write was pieces of columns. So, I strung them together and, voila! A column! From the...

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2-Year-Old Does Not Want to Sleep in Bed

Posted on 11/29/2005

Son prefers chair to bed Q: When our son turned 2, my husband and I converted his crib to a toddler bed. Since then he has refused to stay in his bed, even his room, so we installed a...

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Effective Way to Teach Children to Share

Posted on 11/8/2005

Q: What's the most effective way to get young children, ages 2 and 3, to share, and what should I do when not sharing escalates into violence? I work in a day-care center and this is my biggest...

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Elimination Toliet Training

Posted on 10/25/2005

ADD 'ELIMINATION TRAINING' TO LIST OF PARENTING FADS The buzz in American parenting of late surrounds infant "elimination training," or training children as young as 6 months to signal their...

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Toilet Training Myths

Posted on 8/9/2005

TOILET TRAINING MYTHS TO IGNORE As some of my readers already know, I have declared all-out war on the absurd, destructive idea - promoted by a good number of pediatricians and mental...

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2-Year-Old Biting People

Posted on 8/2/2005

TO STOP TODDLER'S BITING, DISCIPLINE MUST BE POWERFUL Q: My live-in, 2-year-old grandson started biting people, usually for no reason, about six months ago. We're not talking about love...

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No Delay in Toilet Training

Posted on 7/26/2005

THERE'S NOT A GOOD REASON TO DELAY TOILET TRAINING My recent column on early toilet training prompted a good amount of reader response, both pro and con. Not surprisingly, the older the...

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Toilet Training

Posted on 7/12/2005

DONE PROPERLY, TOILET TRAINING CAN BEGIN 'EARLY' Q: According to my grandmother's diary, my mother was completely toilet trained by age 18 months, but my grandmother didn't explain her...

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29-Month-Old Outbursts

Posted on 5/24/2005

IGNORE TODDLER'S HARMLESS OUTBURSTS TOO MUCH ATTENTION TO MINI-TANTRUMS COULD LEAD TO ESCALATION Q: Our 29-month-old son is mostly well-behaved. But when he doesn't get his way or becomes...

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20-Month-Old Spits Out Food

Posted on 3/22/2005


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2- and 3-Year-Old Unruly on Disney Trip

Posted on 3/8/2005

A WHOLE NEW WORLD: TOTS TURN UNRULY ON DISNEY TRIP Q: Our two girls, ages 3 and 2, are very well behaved both at home and in public, so my husband and I decided to treat them to a memorable...

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