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30-Month-Old Potty Training

Posted on 4/18/2000

PARENTS TODAY EXAGGERATE PSYCHOLOGY OF TOILET TRAINING I came across an interesting question the other day while reading my e-mail. The mother of a 30-month-old was asking for some direction...

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Appropriate Amount of Praise for 15-Month-Old

Posted on 3/14/2000

TODDLER WILL SOON BECOME DEPENDENT ON STEADY PRAISE Q. What is the appropriate amount of praise for a 15-month-old? I praise my toddler for specific accomplishments, but I don't make a...

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Appropriate Punishment for 13-Month-Old

Posted on 2/29/2000

Q. What is the best approach to handling unwanted behavior from my 13-month-old? For example, one thing she likes to do is shake the dining room chairs. She pulled one over on her once, but...

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Optimal Time for Toilet Training lies between 18 and 30 Months

Posted on 1/18/2000

TOILET-TRAINING MAY HAVE A WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY, OPEN AT 18 MONTHS I have addressed the issue of toilet training in previous columns and books. My advice has been to time the initiation of...

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Parents Want to Know of Unique Challenges of Having Kids Close Together in Age

Posted on 12/14/1999

MAKE THE MOST OF WHAT YOU KNOW, AND YOUR 3 KIDS WILL BE FINE Q. We have three children: 3 years, 22 months and 9 months. Are there any insights you can share regarding any unique challenges or...

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18-Month-Old Bangs Her Head in Crib

Posted on 8/3/1999

Q. When we put her in her crib at night, our 18-month-old daughter gets on all fours and rocks back and forth, banging her head against the headboard. It's a gentle but persistent banging...

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Late Toilet Training

Posted on 3/9/1999

DISPOSE OF IDEAS ON LATE TOILET TRAINING As some readers know, I have declared all-out war on the absurd, destructive notion - touted by the likes of America's favorite pediatrician, T. Berry...

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Toilet Training

Posted on 12/15/1998

TOILET TRAINING BY AGE 2 SERVES CHILD BEST T. Berry Brazelton, who recently became the spokesperson for Pampers, and I are at odds over toilet training. We've gone point/counterpoint in...

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Toilet Training Series - Part 3

Posted on 9/15/1998

EARLY TOILET TRAINING CALLS FOR VOICES OF EXPERIENCE Q. My mother tells me she and her siblings were completely toilet trained by age 18 months, but she doesn't know how. My mother is the...

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Toilet Training Series - Part 1

Posted on 8/25/1998

IT'S PARENTS' RESPONSIBILITY TO DECIDE ON POTTY TRAINING Q. What are your feelings about the idea, as expressed by (a well-known parenting authority) that "only the child knows when he's ready...

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Day Care Update

Posted on 3/31/1998

UPDATE ON DAY CARE: IT'S STILL NOT AS HEALTHY AS ADVERTISED Five years ago, I wrote a series of columns in which I contended that group day care is disadvantageous for children under age 3....

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Children Should Be Accountable For Their Behavior

Posted on 12/16/1997

WHEN CHILD GETS TO AGE 2, PUSH HIM OUT OF PARADISE In Genesis 2 and 3, Adam and Eve - after being told not to do so - eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. When God discovers what...

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Quick-and-Easy Potty Training - Part 2

Posted on 9/30/1997

SUCCESSFUL POTTY TRAINING NEEDS A TOUCH OF DRY HUMOR As promised in last week's column, today's column will reveal the secrets of quick-and-easy toilet training; but first, a brief recap:...

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Quick-and-Easy Potty Training - Part 1

Posted on 9/23/1997

COME WHAT MAY' APPROACH TO POTTY TRAINING IS ALL WET Q. My son is 28 months old and not yet toilet-trained. My mother-in-law says he should no longer be wearing diapers, but on a recent talk...

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3 Understandings That Parents Should Communicate to Children by Age 3

Posted on 6/3/1997

RULES FOR RAISING CHILDREN RESPONSIBLY COME IN SETS OF 3 One of the main themes of my sixth book, "A Family Of Value'' (Andrews and McMeel, 1996), concerns three fundamental understandings...

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15-Month-Old Biting Other Children

Posted on 2/1/1996

NO ONE KNOWS WHAT MAKES SOME TODDLERS BITE HOW TO HANDLE 15-MONTH-OLD'S FORCEFUL TEETHING' Q. Our 15-month-old son has recently started biting other children, usually when there's some...

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Parent Care vs Day Care - Part 4

Posted on 7/2/1993

ONCE AGAIN, LISTEN UP: CARING FOR CHILD AT HOME IS BETTER THAN DAY CARE Jennifer Mitchell, a columnist for the Des Moines (Iowa) Register, recently took me to task for saying that at-home...

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Parent Care vs Day Care - Part 3

Posted on 3/19/1993

OUTRAGE OVER CHILD-CARE COLUMN POINTS TO THE REAL PROBLEM: DECLINE OF FAMILY In a feature article and two separate editorials, The Des Moines Register has taken me to task for a column in...

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Parent Care vs Day Care - Part 2

Posted on 12/18/1992

Q. I read a recent column of yours in which you said that parent care during the first three years of life is preferable to daycare. I tend to agree, but wouldn't some children be better off in...

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Parent Care vs Day Care - Part 1

Posted on 12/4/1992

STAYING AT HOME ENCOURAGES INDEPENDENCE IN TODDLER I recently wrote that parent care during the first three years of life is highly preferable, in most cases, to day care. A number of folks...

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Regular Bedtime Routine for 3-Year-Old and 15-Month-Old

Posted on 7/28/1991

TODDLERS NEED REGULAR ROUTINE TO FOLLOW AT BEDTIME Q. I have two sons, ages 3 and 15 months. When the first was a baby, I rocked him to sleep. As he got older, I began lying down with him at...

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Roles of Husband and Wife Taking Care of 8-Month-Old

Posted on 4/21/1991

HOW DO PARENTS PRESERVE A MARRIAGE WHILE KIDS ARE YOUNG? Q. My husband and I heard you speak in Orlando (Fla.) and were especially interested in your advice to parents, that they act...

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Put Baby on Schedule

Posted on 1/6/1991

PUT BABY ON SCHEDULE SO 3 FAMILIES CAN RELAX Q. We are three families being tyrannized by one small infant's sleeping habits. One-year-old William is a generally sunny, happy little person,...

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2-Year-Old Friends Fight When Around Each Other

Posted on 9/16/1990

PALS WHOSE KIDS FIGHT: FRIENDSHIP'S SEPARATE Q: We are best friends, writing to you about our two girls, ages 22 months and two years. Both children are easygoing - until they are in the same...

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15-Month-Old Excercise Class

Posted on 1/7/1990

EXERCISE CLASS FOR TODDLERS? FIDDLESTICKS Q. We are very health-conscious parents who want our 15-month-old daughter to grow up physically fit. There's an exercise program for toddlers that's...

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16-Month-Old Climbing and Getting into Things Off-Limits

Posted on 10/22/1989

TODDLERS' PARENTS MUST CHILDPROOF THE HOME TO AVOID BAD BREAKS Q. Our 16-month-old daughter has recently started climbing and getting into lots of things that are off-limits. We have tried...

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Parent of 3-Month-Old Looking for Good Daycare

Posted on 9/17/1989

WANTED: DAY CARE THAT WORKS Q. Being the mother of 3-month-old girl, I read your recent article on infant day care with interest. My leave of absence from my job is almost over, and I've been...

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Mom Torn About Returning to Work After Having Baby

Posted on 8/13/1989

FAMILY DAY CARE SETTING IS BEST FOR INFANTS Q. I took a leave of absence from my job to have my first baby and be totally available to her for the first three months of her life. Now people...

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3-Year-Old Hurting 10-Month-Old

Posted on 2/26/1989

TEACH CHILD NOT TO HURT BABY BROTHER Q. How can we keep our oldest, a 3-year-old daughter, from hurting our 10- month-old? Ever since the baby started crawling, our daughter has been...

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Tips for New Parents with Infants

Posted on 4/24/1988

TIPS TO MAKE LIFE A LOT EASIER FOR NEW PARENTS When our first child, a son, was born in 1969, my wife and I knew absolutely nothing about being parents. We thought all babies acted like the...

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10-Month-Old Separation Anxiety

Posted on 7/26/1987

INFANT IN 1ST STAGE OF SEPARATION ANXIETY Q. I have my 10-month-old son in a Mother's Morning Out program one morning a week. He cries almost the entire four hours unless one of the teachers is...

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17-Month-Old and Special Needs Relative

Posted on 5/3/1987

DON'T END CHILD'S CARING FOR RETARDED RELATIVE Q: My 17-month-old son spends a lot of time around my 25-year-old sister- in-law, who is retarded. The two of them really love one another, and...

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18-Month-Old Head Banging Issue

Posted on 3/22/1987

HEAD BANGING NO PROBLEM CHILDREN HAVE OWN WAYS OF PUTTING THEMSELVES TO SLEEP Q. When we put her to bed, our 18-month-old daughter gets on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth,...

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Day-Care Spanking

Posted on 12/26/1986

I'M AGAINST DAY-CARE SPANKING Joseph Chambers wrote a column that appeared on this page Oct. 1 under the headline "I'd Go To Jail Over Right To Spank." Obviously, the Rev. Chambers believes...

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Mother Guilt in Going Back to Work

Posted on 11/30/1986

BABIES ALSO BENEFIT FROM FATHERS' CARE Q. I'm a schoolteacher who just had her first baby, a girl, in July. Before the baby was born, we decided I would return to work after three months....

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3-Month-Old Bedtime Issue

Posted on 8/17/1986

KEEP NOISE UP WHEN BABY'S DOWN Q. We just spent a week of "vacation" with my parents, during which my mother and I got into it over the way I put our 3-month-old first child to sleep. I...

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3-Year-Old and 15-Month-Old Bedtime Issues

Posted on 3/9/1986

HEAD OFF CHILD'S BEDTIME BATTLE Q. I have two sons. The first is 3, the second is 15 months. When the first was a baby, I rocked him to sleep. As he got older, I began lying down with him...

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Television Is Habit Forming

Posted on 1/19/1986

SOME PEOPLE CAN BECOME GLUED' TO TV Q. Our 5-month-old loves to look at television. While I watch my programs in the evening, she lies on her quilt and stares at the screen. I think she...

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6-Month-Old Baby Boy Very Fussy and Needy

Posted on 11/4/1985

MEET BABY'S NEEDS AS WELL AS YOUR OWN Q. The host of a local television talk show recently interviewed a pediatrician who has just written a book on fussy babies. His description of what...

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