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"Parents who always go out of their way for their children eventually lose their way. "

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I am currently available for personal consultations with parents. At present, I conduct consultations by phone only. I do not test, diagnose, or recommend medication. Furthermore, although I am a psychologist, licensed as such by the North Carolina Psychology Board, I do not employ psychological principles in counseling with parents. My advice is based on biblical principles as well as parenting tradition and commonsense. I speak only with parents and charge by the session, which can last up to 90 minutes. I do not charge for relatively short phone calls or to answer emails in between sessions.

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... But I'm Not Retiring!

Posted 2 weeks ago

My license to practice psychology, issued by the North Carolina Psychology Board in 1978, comes up for renewal in October, as it does every two years. Like everything that emanates from or is...

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Column Retirement Announcement

Posted on 5/8/2023

The time has come, as was inevitable. I began writing my column for my local paper – the Gastonia, NC, Gazette – in 1976. The Charlotte Observer picked it up in 1978 and put it on the...

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Rosemond’s Bill of Rights for Children

Posted on 3/21/2023

In 1993, President Clinton signed the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, an international treaty that extends to children the rights to associate with whom they please and have...

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Stop High-Fiving Kids

Posted on 9/27/2022

Arrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhh! Will you please just stop doing that, please? Every time I see it, I want to scream, and I’m not an emotionally hyperactive person. I’m talking about adults high-fiving...

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In a Family, Parents' Relationship Comes First

Posted on 12/28/2016

I recently asked a married couple who have three kids, none of whom are yet teens, “Who are the most important people in your family?” Like all good moms and dads of this brave new...

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Recent Questions and Answers

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Question of the Week

When Phases and a New Baby Coming Collide

Posted 1 week ago

Hi, we transitioned my son to a full bed because he began climbing out of his crib, and it was becoming unsafe. He has always been a great independent sleeper. However, now he requires either me...

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Trauma as an Excuse for Behavior

Posted 2 weeks ago

To start, please forgive me—I’m still a recovering “parenting-babble” believer. Which leads me to this question: we adopted two elementary-aged children out of foster care. The big bad wolf that...

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How to Build and Maintain Friendships

Posted on 6/15/2024

Hello, how do I help my 7-year-old daughter maintain good friendships? She is homeschooled, so our main source of friends is in church or our homeschool co-op. She is pretty outgoing, but I’ve...

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Advice on Addressing Grandson's Behavior with Parents

Posted on 6/13/2024

Hi, We're visiting our son, his wife, and our only grandson, who is five years old. He is rather spoiled and often behaves brattily. When we go over for dinner (we're staying at a VRBO), he...

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Help! My Son Wants to Quit Swim Team

Posted on 6/7/2024

My 6-year-old son is refusing to participate in swim team, because he says it’s hard and that he wants to quit. In the past, we’ve allowed him to quit activities, but he was told he would do swim...

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