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Special Place vs. Timeout


Can you explain to me the difference between a "special place" [ex. for screaming] and a time out, as well as how one enforces the child staying in said place?


A special place is a place where your child must go while exhibiting a particular behavior. If he/she has a tantrum, for example, they will be banished to their room where the noise will not annoy others. It is something they learn to do on their own when they feel the need to display behavior not fit for the company of others. Time out which, by the way, is highly ineffective, is a punishment for a bad behavior. Only the best behaved children benefit from timeout. You would put a child in timeout for something they simply can't do but did. It isn't just annoying, it is unacceptable. Keeping them in place depends on the age. Some will sit in a chair just by being told. Some have to be gated. I had to flip the doorknob for my son to stay put during nap time.
Melinda S. Norris, Certified Leadership Parent Coach

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