"Don't ask a child a question if you don't mean for the child to have a choice in the matter. "


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Eye Lash pulling in 6 year old

Posted on 9/26/2016

Thanks for your assistance with a concern. My daughter who is now six and a half has has just recently started pulling out her eyelashes. Initially, she got a couple eyelashes in her eyes and...

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16-Year-Old Losing Interest in Friends/Activities

Posted on 4/27/2016

I’m writing about my sixteen year old son. He never publicly accepted the Lord and joined the church. When asked to say grace at meals he always said something brief. Because of losing my job and...

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Concern Over 11-Year-Old's Google Search

Posted on 3/15/2016

We received a call from our 11 yo boy's school. On their tablet, he had searched Google Images using the word "suicide". This sent a flag to the IT folks and the school contacted us. We've not...

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