"Don't ask a child a question if you don't mean for the child to have a choice in the matter. "


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Parenting Experts Part II

Posted on 12/1/2015

Copyright 2015, John K. Rosemond This is the second installment of my three-part series on wrong ideas disseminated by so-called parenting experts. All three columns will be posted...

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Personality Issue, Not a Behavior Problem

Posted on 10/7/2014

Q: My 7-year-old son does well in school and sports and has a good number of friends. However, he often allows himself to be intimidated by other boys. He is a rule-follower and is more...

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What's a School Counselor to Do?

Posted on 3/13/2017

Hi John, I'm a K-12 School Counselor and schools today have many challenges. One of them involves working with kids in junior high and high school who are failing, school is not working for...

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Working on self esteem.

Posted on 9/15/2016

Our five year old daughter seems to have a case of high self-esteem. She constantly does things just to seek our attention (She was the 4 year old in need of potty training. Thank you for your...

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Four year old cannot play by himself

Posted on 4/27/2015

Our 4.5 year old son is incapable of playing by himself. He either bothers his brother or lays on the floor and whines for me to play with him. I limit tv to one hour a day and we do not have...

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9 year old Emotional Roller Coaster

Posted on 4/20/2015

My daughter is 9 years old and she is overly emotional. She cries over pretty much anything. Her teacher has written me on several occasions that I need to teach her how to handle herself. While I...

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Teen has no empathy

Posted on 4/12/2015

Our teen is quick to criticize other's reactions instead of just taking care of the matter at hand. Here is a prime example: she accidentally knocks an item off the shelf. I let out a gasp with...

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16 yo girl seeing a therapist

Posted on 11/29/2014

Our 16 year old daughter has tried to take her life twice. She does not talk to us regarding any problems and never has. She has always felt as though she does not want to bother or worry us and...

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8 year old Standing Up for Himself

Posted on 8/28/2014

This is a question about our 8.5 year old boy. I have read you recognize 'boy behavior'-boys not keeping their hands to themselves,etc. and that it is normal. My boys experience this at Sunday...

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5 yo Self-Esteem

Posted on 7/28/2014

My 5 year old son seems to be going through a rough time the last couple of months. Always a very sweet and mostly happy toddler, he has suddenly become negative and whiny about everything,...

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Teens monthly allowance

Posted on 7/6/2014

My husband and I are reading Teen Proofing. On the subject of "cash", $100 was identified as a suggestion for monthly allowance and that amount would remain the same for the teen years. Since...

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8 yr old negative about self

Posted on 5/17/2014

Our 8 year old does negative self-talk when we take a ticket or point out a misbehaviour,etc. For example, if I point out that he was talking back (one of his target behaviours) he will get an...

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